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2016 by Month

Homecoming Exhibit

"Bright lights, Spartan City" was the homecoming theme for 2016 and a campus-wide display competition was held. Below are images of the archive's display depicting homecoming and the history of the campus over the years. Mascots Bantams, Rifles and Sparty were highlighted. 

Consolidating University History

Statement of Purpose:  For a majority of its existence, the University of South Carolina Upstate (formerly the University of South Carolina Spartanburg, and the Spartanburg Regional Campus) has not had an official University Archives, nor a dedicated full-time archivist to manage and develop collections.  Over the years efforts have been made by the library to collect vital institutional records such as official minutes, committee reports, and accreditation materials, as well as invaluable institutional history such as yearbooks, photos, maps, and other ephemera related to events, groups, and organizations on campus.  

As of March 2014, a full-time archivist was hired to organize the current collection, take steps to enhance and further develop archival holdings, and create a useable, inviting space for students and researchers both within and outside of the university community.  The physical expansion and reorganization of the archives space was completed in January 2015, and additional tools such as ArchivesSpace (an open-source archival management software program) and a large-format book scanner have been purchased and implemented to better organize and provide access to collections.  Although there is still much work to be done with regards to processing the existing collections, the University Archives as a whole are significantly more accessible and useable than they were two years ago. 

The next phase of development for the University Archives focuses on the consolidation of existing institutional history that is currently held by various departments and groups across campus.  Until now, these collections have likely been stored locally because there wasn’t a central Archives to transfer them into.  This significantly curtails the ability of the campus community not only to access historical information, but to understand it within the larger context of the institution as a whole.  By consolidating these dispersed collections the institutional memory, history, and identity of the University of South Carolina Upstate can finally be accessed in a single location, and can be used in a variety of displays and presentations to further support the mission of the University.

Please see the PDF document below to view the complete project proposal.    

Student Affairs Event T-shirt Collection, 2016

“For the apparel oft proclaims the man…” 

(Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Ed. Horace Howard Furness. New York : Dover Publications, [1963])

The University Archives received a collection of 67 event t-shirts from the Office of Student Life in April, 2016.  This collection documents the wide variety of student organizations and the activities and events that they sponsor each year.  Research has shown that students who get involved in at least one student organization are more successful in their academic pursuits and are more likely to have a positive college experience. Getting involved is also a great way for you to meet other students with like interests and to interact with Upstate faculty or staff members outside of the classroom!

With over 90 registered student organizations at USC Upstate, we have a little bit of something for everyone!  Some of the organizations highlighted in this display include the Campus Activities Board, Student Government, and IMPACT.

- Ann Merryman, University Archivist

Wide angle view of t-shirts displayed on mock clothesline. Close up of sign explaining origin of the t-shirt display.

#spartanstrong First Anniversary Exhibit


Marking the first anniversary of the loss of four USC Upstate student-athletes to an automobile accident, this exhibit contains a representative selection of items left at the accident site by students, teammates, family, and community members.  Many of the items left at the site were covered with personal messages to the students.  

- Ann Merryman, University Archivist


January 2016: Homecoming Exhibit

Wide angle view of  left side of exhibit.

Homecoming 2016 Exhibit - Sparty

Close-up of Sparty cutout.

Homecoming 2016 - Sparty (b)

Wide angle view of exhibit case.

Homecoming 2016 Exhibit - display case

Sign explaining what a Bantam is.

Homecoming 2016 - What is a Bantam?

Display case - close up

Homecoming 2016 Exhibit - Bantams close-up

Exhibit close-up

Homecoming 2016 - Bantams close-up (b)

Close up of first Bantams basketball team photo

Homecoming 2016 - Bantams first team photo

Display close-up, Rifles years

Homecoming 2016 - Rifles close-up

Rifles close-up, opposite side

Homecoming 2016 - Rifles close-up (b)

Spartans close-up

Homecoming 2016 - Spartans close-up