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2021 by Month

The Brad Lephew WWII Collection is comprised of documentation artifacts that relate to the Nazi regime, and the impact on those people that embraced it as well as the victims of it.  This documentation, discovered and collected from around the world by Mr. Lephew, includes various materials such as oppressive propaganda and publications, legal documents used to seize personal property, identity documents, voting records and ballots, and items that show motivational tactics of the Nazi regime.  Materials that represent the victims of Nazi oppression include hand written letters to home by inmates of concentration, death, and forced labor camps, and other documents related to that period in time.  These documents have been translated from the original German by students in Dr. Alex Lorenz's German Translation course, and each student received a scholarship through the Dell Scholars Program for their work on this project. 

COVID Comments, a student-focused oral history collection, was the result of the pivot to all-online education beginning in mid-March, 2020.  Faculty member Stephanie Mattingly collaborated with University Archivist Ann Merryman to craft a final assignment that would not only work well in the all-virtual educational environment, but provide students with a way to permanently document their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic as university students.  The initial oral history collection went live on the South Carolina Digital Library website, and additional narratives collected in the spring of 2021 will be added to the site. 

In September 2021, the USC Upstate campus joined with institutions and individuals around the country and around the world to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.  The anniversary events included a 14-panel poster exhibit hosted by the University Library and University Archives.  The poster exhibit included a timeline of events, stories from survivors and victim's family members, and highlighted selected artifacts from the permanent collection at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City.  

9/11 20th Anniversary Poster Exhibit

Introductory panel for 9/11 20th Anniversary Exhibit

Introductory panel for 9/11 20th Anniversary Exhibit.

Wide angle view of 9/11 poster exhibit on library patio windows.

Wide angle view of 9/11 20th Anniversary Poster Exhibit at the USC Upstate Library.

View of 9/11 20th Anniversary Poster Exhibit looking from the left end.

Wide angle view of 9/11 20th Anniversary Poster Exhibit at the USC Upstate Library.