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Getting Started

Spartan GreenSky is an initiative of USC Upstate to provide anywhere, anytime access to USC Upstate email, files and course-required software for all students, faculty and staff. Included in these services are email, cloud storage and virtual computer access. With Spartan GreenSky users can access any of these services via any computer with Internet access, including access to nearly all computer labs and specialized software previously only available in specific computer labs. 

Users now have the ability to visit computer labs via personal computer or tablet using Spartan GreenSky, as opposed to going in person to a particular lab just to use the computers. You can now use your laptop, iPad or Android tablet from anywhere with access to the Internet, to access computer labs in much the same you do when you visit the lab in person. Just like email and skydrive are available from anywhere as a cloud service, now USC Upstate computer labs are just as accessible.


  • Allows users to access any USC Upstate lab computer via their personal computers or tablets.
  • No need to visit a computer lab to get access to course specific software.
  • Allows users to access all lab software from any lab on campus. No more having to visit one particular lab to gain access to specific software.
  • Users don’t have to visit campus to use the computer labs; now they are available from anywhere you have Internet access.

What is the Cloud
The Cloud simply means a service is accessible via the Internet. Software, files and information are not hosted or kept on your physical computer so they are available to you via any device. This includes your email, files, software or even a computer.

What is VDI?
VDI is an acronym referring to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the practice of hosting the desktop operating system on a virtual machine (VM) running on a centralized server. The computer and all its software is hosted from within the datacenter so management is centralized and much more flexible than managing hundreds of individual physical computers.