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Digital Campus

Digital Campus, provided by Swank Motion Pictures, is a tool faculty use to stream films in class settings.


How To Watch Films on Digital Campus 

  1. Visit our Digital Campus portal.
  2. Clicking the above Digital Campus portal link on campus should open the website automatically. Users off campus may have to pass through an Upstate sign-in screen where they could be asked to enter their Upstate email address and password. 
  3. After passing through the Upstate sign-in screen, students, faculty, and staff do not have to enter additional login information in order to view films on the Digital Campus website. Selecting "student" or "instructor" is the only requirementEntering Upstate account information on the Digital Campus website is not required. The only time a login is needed on the Digital Campus website is when faculty request films.
  4. Search for the desired film(s).
  5. Note: Faculty may instead choose to share a direct link to a specific film (or films) via email, or may paste a direct link code into Blackboard (Note: As of September 2022, the direct linking option is currently unavailable through the Digital Campus site due to technical issues.)


Additional information on Digital Campus may be found on under Resources for Faculty/Staff.