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Professor for Affordable Awards

The Professor for Affordable Learning (PAL) Awards are given by the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries (PASCAL) to professors who use required course materials that are no-cost or low-cost ($50 or less) to students. This page recognizes USC Upstate faculty who have received the PAL Award and the no-cost or low-cost courses they teach.

Stephanie Barnhill

Stephanie Barnhill - NURS U701 Health Promotion and Advanced Health Assessment

Deshia Breaux

Deshia Breaux - HIMS U350 Healthcare Quality Improvement, INFO U101 Survey of Information Technology

Logan Camp-Spivey

Logan Camp-Spivey - NURS U301 Nutrition

Chung-Yean Chiang

Chung-Yean Chiang - MGMT U372 Operations Management

Christa Christ

Christa Christ - PSYC U101 Introduction to Psychology

Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth Cole - ACCT U226 Managerial Accounting

Ryan Crawford

Ryan Crawford - NURS U325 Evidence-Based Practice

Kara Davis

Kara Davis - CHME U300 Research and Ethics in Community Health

Jason Hannay

Jason Hannay - PSYC U307 Social Psychology

Monique Jones

Monique Jones - NURS U300 Topics in Nursing: Rural Health

Colby King

Colby King - SOCY U101 Introduction to Sociology

David Marlow

David Marlow - ENGL U252 Understanding English Grammar, ENGL U453 Development of English

Courtney McDonald

Courtney McDonald - CRJU U304 Career Development in Criminal Justice

Kristi Miller

Kristi Miller - NURS U426 Evidence-Based Practice for RN to BSN Students, NURS U703, Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare, NURS U722 Data Analysis in Healthcare

Renu Pariyadath

Renu Pariyadath - COMM U375 Communication Research Methods, SPCH U301 Theories and Principles of Human Communication, SPCH U309 Small Group Communication, SPCH U348 Introduction to Organizational Communication, SPCH U398 Transnational Feminist Rhetorics, SPCH U450 Communicating for Social Change

Shannon Polchow

Shannon Polchow - SPAN U101 Introductory Spanish

Melissa Storm

Melissa Storm - BIOL U243 Human Anatomy & Physiology

Susannah Waldrop

Susannah Waldrop - UNIV U101 Student in the University

Ginny Webb

Ginny Webb - BIOL U250 Principles of Microbiology

Carolina Webber

Carolina Webber - SPCH U301 Theories and Principles of Communication, SPCH U309 Small Group Communication, SPCH U330 Interviewing, SPCH U430 Communicating Difference in Social Institutions

Tracey Woodard

Tracey Woodard - CRJU U230 Introduction to Corrections, CRJU U304 Career Development in Criminal Justice, CRJU U390 Death Penalty, CRJU U484 Special Topics: Female Incarceration