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Library | USC Upstate
To ensure health and safety, masks are required in the Library. Important Information About COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines and Resources
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Resource selector librarians manage subject materials for the library by purchasing various resources, evaluating the existing collection, deselecting materials, and fielding inclusion requests from library patrons. Reach out to specific resource selectors for more information. 

Resource Selectors

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Disciplines Resource Selectors Subject Librarians
Advanced Manufacturing Management Andrew Kearns Andrew Kearns
African-American Studies Virginia Cononie Virginia Cononie
Art and Graphic Design  Laura Karas Laura Karas
Biology    Virginia Cononie Virginia Cononie
Business / Economics / Non-Profit Administration John Siegel John Siegel
Chemistry Camille McCutcheon Erika Montgomery
Children's Literature    Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Communication / Speech / Journalism Camille McCutcheon Laura Karas
Community Health Camille McCutcheon John Siegel
Computer Science Erika Montgomery Erika Montgomery
Criminal Justice Laura Karas Laura Karas
Education (Undergraduate) Camille McCutcheon Laura Karas
Education (Graduate) Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Engineering Technology Management Andrew Kearns Andrew Kearns
English Allison Read Allison Read
Exercise Science  Camille McCutcheon John Siegel
Film Studies Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Fine Arts & Photography Laura Karas Laura Karas
Geography Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Geology Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Graphic Design Laura Karas Laura Karas
Health Informatics Camille McCutcheon Erika Montgomery
History Camille McCutcheon Ann Merryman
Interdisciplinary Studies   Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Informatics Erika Montgomery Erika Montgomery
Mathematics Camille McCutcheon John Siegel
Military & Naval Science Camille McCutcheon Ann Merryman
Music Andrew Kearns Andrew Kearns
Nursing Camille McCutcheon Andrew Kearns
Philosophy Mark Smith Mark Smith
Physical Education Camille McCutcheon John Siegel
Physics Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Political Science Camille McCutcheon Ann Merryman
Psychology John Siegel John Siegel
Religion Mark Smith Mark Smith
Sociology Erika Montgomery Erika Montgomery
Theatre Camille McCutcheon Camille McCutcheon
Women's & Gender Studies John Siegel John Siegel
World Languages Allison Read Allison Read