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Political Science: Search strategies for the Search catalog

An introductory guide to general Political Science resources and databases.

Search Strategies and Locations for Books

Search Locations and Services  (links located at the bottom of the box)

  • Books may be found in our library (use the Search catalog), in statewide academic libraries (via the PASCAL Delivers service), nationally, or internationally using different search techniques
  • PASCAL Delivers - When a book is unavailable in the USC Upstate library, you may be able to request it for free from another library in the state via the PASCAL Delivers service.  A "Request" link in the catalog record under "Get It" will take you through the steps of requesting the materials.  Books are delivered to the USC Upstate Library (allow up to 5 days for delivery).
  • WorldCat - Use this resource to locate books throughout the US and the world, which can be requested through ILL
  • Interlibrary loan - Once registered, you can request materials held throughout the US or world
    Allow two weeks or so for delivery of ILL items.
  • Many rare historical texts cannot be taken from other libraries, so plan ahead when visiting another collection.
  • Library codes may be entered to focus on a specific collection (Example: DLC for the Library of Congress)

Using the Request Link in the Search catalog

Did you know that you can request books for check out even when you're not physically in the library?  When you find a book (or books) in the Search catalog that you would like, you can submit your request electronically and Circulation staff will pull the materials.  Once they have done so, you will receive an email alert directing you to select your time for pickup and check out at the circulation desk.  Please see the image below showing how to use the "Request" link in a sample catalog record.

image of catalog record with "Request" link circled in red  

Search Strategies for Reference Books

Search catalog: Search Strategies

  • Search the library catalog for sources related to your topic.  Begin broadly and develop a more specific search.
  • Select keywords based on your broad and specific definition of your topic
  • Use a variety of terms: Charleston AND...redevelopment, planning, community, politics, urban, etc
  • Consult the works cited in books that you use and request those books using services indicated below

Finding Reference Books in the Search catalog

  • Enter the letters REF and select Search catalog
  • Combine REF with another keyword (not shown in this graphic) to target your search to specific materials

Enter letters REF into search bar; select REF:SearchUP Catalog

  • Limit to USC Upstate Reference using the checkbox

Check the box on left hand side under "Refine my results" for USC Upstate Reference

  • A list of Reference materials will populate; note that items will indicate whether they are available or not

Results example of Reference books available