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South Carolina Library Advocacy Campaigns

Advocacy for South Carolina Libraries

Libraries support South Carolina

South Carolina Libraries are invited to share uplifting and impactful library stories with the community and the legislators that serve them. This campaign is supported by SCLAAPLA, and SCASL. Interested libraries or members do not have to hold a membership to any affiliated organization to submit. 

The second edition of Share Your Story will focus on the theme of "Libraries support South Carolina." (Click here to view the first edition of Share Your Story. ) Here is a limited list of suggested stories to be included:

  • Summer Reading Statistics and Library stories
  • K-12 library program stories
  • Public Library community programs and borrower statistics
  • Academic library outreach efforts
  • Academic library impact on student success
  • Special library efforts (Medical, archives and more)

All libraries, all stories, and all efforts are encouraged.

Submissions are now closed as of January 20th 2023.

  • October till January 20th - Collect Stories
  • February 1st - Deliver Digital eBook
  • March 2023 - Professionally print Small Batch of eBook -Use for budget meetings & SCASL hill day
  • May 2023 - Deliver to Federal Legislators at ALA Library Legislative Day (TBA)

Libraries should submit one photo and one narrative detailing success stories, patron stories, resources used, or community event stories. Form Requirements:

  • Submitter's email
  • Contact Name
  • Library's Federal District
  • Library Name
  • Library's Address
  • Library's website
  • Story Narrative
  • One Image (PNG or JPG)
  • If your name should be included (Y/N)
  • Available to all library funding advocacy events such as; budget hearings, advocacy hill days, and National Library Legislative Day
  • Personal Printing to have at your library
  • Inclusion in library annual report