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Juvenile / Children's Literature: Special Topics (diverse families, mental health/behavior, disabilities/impairments)

Guide to finding and using Juvenile Literature in the USC Upstate collection

Diverse Family

This tabbed box offers Juvenile books that showcase a variety of family situations.  This is not an exhaustive list and only highlights some of the books available at the UCS Upstate Library.

Family Diversity refers to the many different ways a family is created whether the traditional Mother, Father and Child(ren) or the nontraditional Mother, Mother and Child(ren) or Children raised by Aunts, Grandparents or Foster Parents.

Behavior / Emotions / Mental Health

The books in this section deal with behaviors, emotions and mental health issues. 

Some subjects to try include:

Some subjects to try include:

Disabilities & Impairments

Book lists


The links below take you to the official page for the awards where the winners and runners up are listed.