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ARTH U400 - Art Theory and Criticism: Assignments

This guide was created to assist the students in ARTE U400 Art Theory and Criticism Class

Critical Artist’s Statement / Artwork Analysis

For your final project in this class, you will write and present a critical analysis of a single work of art—this may take the form of an artist’s statement about a piece you created OR an analysis about a work of art you choose. All are encouraged to write an artist’s statement to practice analyzing and writing critically about your own work. In all cases, this will be research-based analysis and critique based on close study of the artwork.

Critical Artwork Analysis

If you have decided to study the work of another artist for your final project in this class, you should follow these guidelines.

The first stage of this project involves conducting a basic visual and comparative analysis of the artwork. 

  • Decide on an artwork to analyze.
  • Conduct a visual analysis of your work, considering both style and subject​
  • Conduct a comparison between your object and a similar object

The second stage of the project involves conducting scholarly research and developing an interpretive approach to your object. 

  • Investigate the broader issues related to the work’s context, developing an interpretive approach to the work by using the theories and methods discussed in class