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Evaluating News: Verifying Social Media

This LibGuide was created to help you evaluate the news around you, teach you to identify Fake News, Biased News, Satirical News, and Propaganda

Verification of User-Generated Content

Verification of content by LKaras Work

Bellingcat's Digital Forensics Tools

Bellingcat Crowd-sourced investigations, & training citizen journalists in conflict zones

Bellingcat’s Digital Forensics Tools A list of open-source verification and investigation tools and methods


First Draft verification and Open-Source-Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) training, in support of journalists facing the challenges of trust and truth in the digital age.

First Draft Essential Guides covering newsgathering, verification, responsible reporting and more

5 Pillars by LKaras Work

What fact-checking sites are saying

Google Fact Check Explorer search engine checks all major fact-checking sites

Coronavirus Disinformation Database, Poynter

NewsGuard Chrome Extension “trained analysts, who are experienced journalists, research online news brands to help readers and viewers know which ones are trustworthy--and which ones aren't."