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Learning Disabilities & Education: Assignments & Topics

This LibGuide was created to assist students in researching Education and Learning Disabilities

Learning for the learning disabled | Emma Chin

This is just one of MANY examples of Teaching for the differently-abled.  Back in the 1970's I struggled with learning and my mother an early child growth and development professor noticed.  I was tested and found to have dyslexia (back then there was not real delineation of dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia).  In our school district they also had a program for 4th 5th and 6th graders that tested "Gifted and Talented" to attend a Montessori type school 3 days a week, I was also tested to be gifted.  The school district told my mother I could not be both gifted and disabled she would have to choose the program I would take advantage of.  Luckily my mother choose the gifted program, I spent 3 years learning in a more fluid environment allowing me to shine beyond written papers and standardized tests.  I told the story of the Trojan war with a hand carved Trojan horse and stick puppets, I took photographs and developed them to show science skills, I used music to show patterns and rhythms.  Those 3 years allowed me to grow confident in my learning abilities.  School and learning has always been hard, writing and spelling a challenge but learning how to learn, awareness of my problems and spell check has seen this child who could not read a simple Dick and Jane book become a Librarian.

Define LD & ADD

Learning Disabilities - Basic Definitions and Catalog Searches

In this box you will find basic definitions from websites and online reference materials and simple catalog searches for Learning Disabilities.  This is not an detailed search but rather designed to offer some basic information about various Learning Disabilities.

Dyslexia - reading-based or print-based

Dysgraphia - writing-based

Dyscalculia - math-based or numeral-based

Auditory Processing Disorder

Nonverbal Learning Disorders

Visual Processing Disorder

Aphasia, Dysphasia or Global Aphasia (language-based)

Other disorders that make learning difficult but are not strictly learning disabilities:

A Tale of Two Teachers | Melissa Crum

multi-cultural issues in special education / teaching