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SPCH U430 - Communicating Difference in Social Institutions: Journal Search

Journal Search

Journal Search & Finding Full Text

If you need the full text of an article but only have a citation or an abstract, you can use Journal Search to track down the article. Journal Searching is part of the larger Library Search database found under Start Searching.

Searching box highlighted with Journals drop down and journal name highlighted

Simply click the tab for Journals, then enter the title of the Journal (NOT the title of the article) in the search box and click "Search".  If the article is available as full text within any database Upstate subscribes to, you will see results returned. 

screen capture of using Journal Search

Journal Search & Finding Full Text

If Upstate does not have access, you can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request a copy of the article.  Journal articles requested through ILL often arrive within a week; books requested through ILL can take up to three weeks to arrive.  Plan accordingly.