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SPCH U430 - Communicating Difference in Social Institutions: Communication & Journalism Journals

Scholarly Journals

These journals are available in paper or online full-text through the USC Upstate Library. Most are peer-reviewed and present research articles and other material of interest to an academic audience.

Some of the descriptions on this guide are based on Cheryl LaGuardia, Magazines for Libraries, 18th ed. (New Providence, NJ: ProQuest, 2009) and Ulrich's International Periodical Directory,

Ulrichs Web - Find out if your journal is scholarly and peer reviewed.

What are Scholarly Journals?

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Scholarly Journal (A.K.A. Professional Journal) Journals such as American Historical Review, New England Journal of Medicine, and Social Psychology Quarterly are all considered scholarly or professional journals.  A journal that contains articles and research by scholars and experts in a specific field who wish to share their research with other professionals/scholars. Articles are usually based on original research and contain author credentials, abstracts and bibliographies. Professional associations, Scholarly presses, Universities, or Academic/Research Organizations often publish these journals. The language in a Scholarly Journal tends to be academic and can be very technical often using the language of the discipline. Graphs, charts, and/or formulas can be included as well as graphics but these periodicals usually do not contain glossy ads and/or pictures.

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Open Access Journals

Below is a selection of journals related to mass communications that are freely available online. 

What are Trade Journals?

Trade Journals (AKA Trade Magazines) such as Automotive News, Home Healthcare Nurse, Teaching Exceptional Children, Library Journal or E Week are not scholarly journals. These magazines are industry specific and designed to keep the practitioner updated in the trends, news and product information for the field. They can offer company, organization and biographical information along with statistics, forecasts employment and career information. Glossy ads (usually topic related) and photos are prevalent.

Trade Journals and Magazines