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Course Guide SPCH U301 Theories and Principles of Human Communication: Welcome - Introduction to Communication Theory - Week 1

Guide Notes

SPCH U301 Theories & principles of human communica

This guide was designed to accompany Dr. Renu Pariyadath's teaching of Theories and Principles of Human Communication for the Fall of 2023.  You will find readings, videos, and ancillary materials related to this course organized by topic.  When in doubt follow the syllabus profited by Dr. Pariyadath.  This guide is a work in progress and may change slightly as the course progresses.

Course Modification

Changes may be made to this syllabus due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances as the class situation dictates. Students will be given adequate notice of any changes through Blackboard announcements and email, and no changes will negatively impact the grade breakdown or your workload.


  • Introduction to Class & Communication Theory - Week 1

  • Research Paradigms - Week 2

  • Peer Review Research - Week 2

  • Ethics in Research - Week 3

  • APA Style  - Week 3

  • Social Information Processing - Week 4

  • Symbolic Interactionism - Week 4

  • Relational Dialects Theory - Week 5

  • Communicational Accommodation Theory - Week 6

  • Organizational Communication - Week 7

  • Message Design Logics - Week 7

  • Cultural Studies Theory - Week 8

What is Communication Theory?

Communication theory studies the scientific process of sending and receiving information. There are many principles, methods, and components that can affect a message, and communication theory explains it all.

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