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Composition I Research Guide for ENGL 101: Finding Articles

Spring 2019

Resources: Articles

To find articles from periodicals like scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers, you need to use an article database. Most article databases had their origins as paper indexes that were published on a set schedule, and this explains why the indexing of citations in most databases extends further back than abstracts and full text. There are different kinds of article databases, including multidisciplinary databases covering all subjects that include major newspapers and magazines along with scholarly journals, and disciplinary databases focused on the scholarly literature for a particular subject area that are limited to scholarly journals and other literature in that discipline.

What are Databases?

Databases are similar to a telephone book or address book. Each entry in an address or phone book has different fields: name, street address, phone number, and so on. Entries in databases, called records, also have different fields, such as author, title, date of publication, and so on.

Here is a 5 minute video from the North Carolina State University Libraries about what a database is.

Academic Search Complete

Databases With Mulitmedia

See also the Multimedia Resources Library Guide for additional sources.

Recommended Databases

Newspaper Sources

If you feel you need more newspapers than are indexed in Academic Search Complete or Academic OneFile, these databases may prove useful.