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Art & Art History: Photography

A Subject Guide designed to help you with your Art & Art History research

History of Photography LibGuide Header Link to GuideThis will take you to the LibGuide For the History of Photography with more information on the subject of Photography.

Reference Photography Books

Oxford Online Reference

The database Oxford Reference Online includes several online encyclopedias that provide some great background information on your topic. If you begin by gaining some knowledge with these sources, you can get a better idea of the context and history of your topic, as well as some ideas for keywords to use in searching for more specific information later!


You can also click on "Art & Architecture" (after clicking "Subject" on the top left of the blue bar) to find many more reference books on art topics, with entries related to photography (look for the option to "Search within work" to find photo-related information in more general art encyclopedias).

Circulating Photography Books

Writing about Art