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Call Numbers for Fine Arts & Art History - N to NX

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We organize our library using the Library of Congress Classification System below is a breakdown of the Visual Arts area. For a more detailed listing of Library of Congress Classification System check out the Libraray of Congress's Web Page

N - Visual Arts
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Drawing Design Illustration
ND - Painting
NE - Print Media
NK - Decorative Arts
NX - Arts in General
TR - Photography
BH - Aesthetics

catalogue raisonné, broadly speaking, is a reference work that provides as comprehensive and detailed a list as possible of an artist’s works. Sometimes the catalog of works is broken down by format or medium, or broken down into chronological sequences.

General Survey, Text Books, and Books

Generally speaking textbooks, Art History Survey books, and other general knowledge books do not fall into scholarly resources.  They are fine to use as background information or a starting place for your research.

Scholarly books by LKaras Work

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During the summer of 2020 USC Upstate installed a new search tool.  SearchUp provides one-stop searching for books and e-books, articles, DVDs, and more.  This widget allows you to search for just materials from what was called the Catalog, books e-books, and DVDs.


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