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Art Education: Juvenile Books About Art

This guide provides suggestions for finding resources in Art Education at USC Upstate Library and on the Internet.

Search the Library Catalog

To search the Catalog for Juvenile Materials just add JUV AND to your search words, such as "JUV AND artists".  Another thing to remember is that books with the LC Subject of Literature are NON fiction and the books marked as fiction are not factual, this may not matter depending on how you use the book.

*NOTE: Juvenile books are located in the last few rows of the compact shelving past the Reference and Periodicals Collections.

Artists Biography

For Juvenile books with information about artists like the one below SEE: Artists Biography Page

Media & Techniques

For more information Media & Techniques for Art Education Using Juvenile books like the one below SEE: Media & Techniques Page

Art Appreciation Sources

For more information Art Appreciation using Juvenile books like the one below SEE: Art Appreciation Page