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University 101 Library Research Guide: Career Resources

Important Notes

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**Remember that you are looking for salary information and job availability forecast for South Carolina, not the United States. Many resources will provide data for the United States and/or just South Carolina, so make sure you are looking at the correct data.

**Salaries and job availability may vary slightly from resource to resource, since each source may gather data differently.

Entry Level Positions

To find entry level positions in your field, try searching one of these websites.

When searching, use the words entry level and the name of the career. For example, entry level librarian 

When you search, there is an option to add a location. You can try adding Spartanburg or South Carolina; however, if there are no results, leave off the location.

If you are having trouble, ask your professor for help.


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Median salary - salary that falls in the middle range (This is as close to average as you will find.)

Projected employment OR outlook - job availability forecast