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EDSC U441 - Middle School Curriculum and Methodology - Dr. Lee: Articles and Databases

EDSC U441 Course Guide

Best Bet Database for Articles

When searching this database make sure to take advantage of the advanced searching screen.  Searching "Middle School" as one of your search terms will limit down your results, you can also use "sixth grade" (or any particular grade), "Secondary School", "Junior High", or "Intermediate School" each of these terms means something slightly different, know the definition of each.

A middle school a.k.a. intermediate school or junior high is an educational stage which exists in some countries, providing education between elementary school a.k.a. primary school, grammar school or grade school and secondary school or high school. Middle School – Typically is grades six, seven and eight Intermediate School – typically is grades four, five, and six Junior High – Typically is grades seven, eight and nine Secondary School – between elementary and College

Education Databases

Psychology Databases

•	Remember when searching in ANY database, use limiters to help find the best articles.  •	Limit your search to Scholarly or Peer Reviewed articles. •	Choose the last 5 to 10 years (depending on discipline), unless you are looking for historical perspectives. •	Take advantage of Boolean Operators (AND, OR & NOT) to help focus your search. •	Don’t automatically choose full text. Many articles can be found full text using Full Text Finder. •	When in doubt check with your professor OR Ask a Librarian for help!

Multidisciplinary Databases