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Identifying & Avoiding Plagiarism: Home

Information pertinent to plagiarism prevention.

Identifying & Avoiding Plagiarism Plagiarism is the using of anothers words, thoughts or ideas and not  giving due credit through citations

Plagiarism Prevention Module

This Library Guide was created to help you identify and avoid plagiarism.  Each tab offers various elements related to plagiarism and tips on how to avoid plagiarizing.

 This LibGuide is NOT the Plagiarism Prevention Module.  The Module includes many of the same elements as this guide but also includes a test required as proof of completion.  Your professor may assign the Module, use the link below to take you to the Plagiarism Prevention Module.

Plagiarism Prevention Module & Library Session Outcomes

After completing the Plagiarism Prevention Module, participants will be able to:

  • Define plagiarism and describe its importance.
  • Avoid plagiarizing.
  • Understand the concept of common knowledge.
  • Use paraphrasing and quotes properly with correct citations.