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Speech & Recitation: Getting Started

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Getting Started

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Finding Articles and News

Research a Person

Find Statistics

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Statistics, like other facts, can enhance a speech and make a stronger case for your perspective.

Find a Quotation

Audience Analysis by LKaras Work


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Books on How To

Ethics in Public Speaking

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Ethics in Public Speaking by LKaras UofSC Upstate

Ethics Pyramid

An Ethical Pyramid: Ends, Means, and Intent

Elspeth Tilley, a public communication ethics expert from Massey University, proposes a structured approach to thinking about ethics (Tilley, 2005). Her ethics pyramid involves three basic concepts: intent, means, and ends. Figure 2.1 “Ethical Pyramid” illustrates the Tilley pyramid.

Ethics or Morals?

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"Morals are the principles on which one’s judgments of right and wrong are based. Ethics are principles of right conduct. The two nouns are closely related and are often interchangeable. The main difference is that morals are more abstract, subjective, and often personal or religion-based. At the same time, ethics are more practical, conceived as shared principles promoting fairness in social and business interactions."

Mc Leod, D. (2023, May 26). Ethics vs. morals - definition, difference & examples. GRAMMARIST.

Persuasive Techniques

Website with speeches & Rhetoric Information

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos | Rhetoric | The Nature of Writing

How to use rhetoric to get what you want - Camille A. Langston

Ethos,Pathos, Logos Appeals by LKaras UofSC Upstate

Examples & Speeches

General Speaches

Great Speaches

Topic Specific Speeches

persuasive by LKaras UofSC Upstate

Presentations & PowerPoint

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Learn PowerPoint


Public Speaking

Other Presentation Software

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