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Brainstorming for Topics: Knowledge or Brain Dumping

This guide was created to illustrate ways to turn your intrest into a topic

BrainStorming Header Box aka mind mapping, prain dump or topic mining

This guide was created to help researchers to find and fine-tune topics for papers.  Each page has a sample Brain or Knowledge dump idea and some corresponding research ideas and questions.  This is meant as a tool to show that you can start with a chicken and find a researchable topic.  On the following tabbed pages, you will find a "Brain Dump" image, then below are sample topics and articles, links, and other ideas.  These articles are not necessarily to be used in research but as examples that articles can be found for these topics.  

Online Coggle Examples

Mind Mapping

How to Mind Map

A mind map is a diagram that displays information visually.  You don't have to be an artist to mind map but thinking of the interconnected ideas will hep you focus your topic.