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AP - Associated Press Citation Style: Associated Press Styleguide

A Brief Guide to the AP Citation Style

Associated Press Styleguide

What is AP Style?

Associated Press style, which is commonly called AP is a writing format that is designed particularly for newspapers, magazines, public relations, and others. This format is significant in providing guidelines for various writers or editors that work collaboratively. It delivers a consistent methodology that specifies the grammatical mistakes and the language. The main principles of AP format are comprised of clarity, consistency, correction, and conciseness.

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Citation Statement

USC Upstate Library - Citation Documentation Philosophy

The USC Upstate Library supports student learning and information literacy.  Therefore, the library offers tools and resources for students to create their own citations and make informed decisions about citation styles.  The experience of creating citations offers students the opportunity to learn about the parts and elements of citations.  The process of creating citations strengthens both decision making and critical thinking skills.  The familiarity of citation principles is imperative when the accuracy of a citation comes into question. The library offers many print and online citation style resources.  The library encourages students to consult these resources to create their own citations basing them on established guidelines.