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Chemistry: Welcome

This guide will assist Chemistry students.

Library Website and Off-Campus Access

Using This Guide

This guide was created to help you with your research. Use the tab(s) at the top of the page to guide you..

Do not pull your hair out searching for sources!

Frustrated man pulling hair

  • Students have spent hours and hours endlessly searching, getting frustrated and wasting time. As a result, they also hate research. 

Contact me if you need help!

​Remember there is also Ask a Librarian.

Image source: Pulling your hair out.

Need Help?

John Siegel<br> <!--14-->Coord. of Information Literacy's picture
John Siegel
Coord. of Information Literacy
Office: LIB 113B

Main Library: 864-503-5620

Need Help?

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Sara DeSantis
Reference & Research Librarian
Office: LIB 103


Main Library: 864-503-5620