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SOCY 101: Home

Fall 2017


Welcome! The USC Upstate Library has a wealth of resources that will help you find the information and sources you need for your class assignments. If you have questions about any of the resources listed in this guide, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Quick Information

Here are some online reference sources that are especially good for quick, authoritative information.

E-book Collections

Most E-books come up when searching the Library Catalog, but you can also search our major collections directly.

Library Catalog

In addition to more than 200,000 print books and media, the library has access to several collections of E-Books totaling thousands of titles.

  • E-Books are accessed through a link in the record of the book. Click on the title, then on the link under "Connect To."
  • When accessing the catalog from off-campus, make sure you log in using the icon at the top right corner of the catalog. This will enable all links, including those to e-books.
  • Use the connectors AND, OR, AND NOT as appropriate to connect search terms.
  • * is used as a truncation symbol in the catalog for up to five characters. It is useful for finding singular and plural forms of a word, variant endings on a particular stem, or for alternate spellings: cat* for both cat and cats; vot* for vote, voters, voting, etc.; col*r for color and colour.
  • ? is a one-character wildcard: wom?n finds both woman and women.
  • You can view Contents Notes to find a table of contents for many books. Click on title of book in results list to access.
  • Use Subject Heading links to find other books sharing the same subject heading. Click on title of book in results list and then on "Full Record" tab to access.