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ENGL U102 - Composition II - Professor Richie: Brainstorming

When trying to decide on a subject for your paper, one method is to find a broad issue that interests you.  Next, brainstorm: write as many words or phrases you can think of about the topic.  This will focus that larger topic into a focused ideas that would make better a paper.  The next image shows an organized "pie" of the brainstorming process. The last image shows how one slice or topic can be spiraled off using more questions and ideas.

    sk questions about your subject.  Find a piece of the topic you are interested in and explore that.  The diagram below shows how questions can lead you into new and more focused topic ideas.  You may spin away from your original idea into something you have more passion about. Your interest will make a more engaging paper.

Mind Mapping

How to Mind Map

A mind map is a diagram that displays information visually.  You don't have to be an artist to mind map but thinking of the interconnected ideas will hep you focus your topic.