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Jill Adams: Finding a Topic

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Developing a Topic Interest: Choose something you’ll enjoy researching and writing about. Scope” Consider the breadth and depth of the topic, Avoid topics that are too big or too small. Time: Pick a topic you can successfully address in the given amount of time. Clarity:” Know what you are looking for, refine and adjust as needed.  When in doubt ask a librarian. Assignment: follow the direction from your professor on topic and paper requirements.

Deciding on a Topic

Be flexible with your topics

Issue Based Databases

Credo Mind Mapping

Literatti Mind Map SearchMind Mapping is a brainstorming tool from Credo it offers a visual representation of how topics are interrelated. Literati also offers Topic Pages which take a topic and offers background information, context and links to help explore the topic in more detail. The Topic Pages also offer articles related to the topic.

Tutorials & Videos

California State University San Bernardino John M. Pfau Library

Wilfrid Laurier University Library