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Folk, Outsider & Self-Taught Art: Southern Folk Arts

This guide was designed to help begin research in the area of Folk Art, Outsider Art and Self-Taught Art including Southern Folk Art


Below is a listing of a few Southern Folk Artist many have links to webpages with more information about their art and life.

Ab the Flagman Eric Legge LaVon Van Williams Peter Bongo Loose
Amy Lansburg Ernest "Chicken Man" Lee Leonard Jones Purvis Young
Ann "Frantic" Francis Allen Leslie Lovell R.A. Miller
Annie Tolliver G. F. White Levent Isik Ralph Griffin
Antonio Esteves gaZbo Linda Angio Rebecca Sipper
Bernice Sims Georgia Kyle Shiver Linette Dubois Reg K. Gee
Betsy Cain Glenn Simmions Linvel Barker Robert Morgan
Big Al Taplet Gloria "Mother" Smith Lisa Kurtz Ronald & Jessie Cooper
Billy Moore Hambone Lonnie Holley Ruby C. Williams
Billy Roper Hazel Kinney Louis Vuittonet Rudolph Bostic
Blacktop Helen LaFrance Lovelane Designs Rudolph Valentino "Rudy" Bostic
Braxton Ponder Howard Finster Madie Ridgell Rufas
Brian Bohanan Hubert Walters Mama Girl S.L. Jones
Brian Dowdall Hugo Sperger Mark Anthony Mulligan Sam Ezell
Buddy Snipes Ike Morgan Marvin Finn Sarah Rakes
Butch Anthony Isaac Smith Meryl Truett Squeakie
Caitlin Bevill Jack Beverland Michael Banks Steve Burnley
Carl McKenzie Jaime Lawrimore Minnie Adkins  Steve Keene
Charley Kinney Jake "JT" McCord Missionary Mary Proctor Sybil Gibson
Charlie West Jeff Payne Miz Thang Terry Cannon
Cher Shaffer Jeff Zeigler Mose Tolliver Tex Crawford
Cheri Wranosky Jessie LaVon Mr. B Tim Lewis
Chris "Chub" Hubbard Jimmie Lee Sudduth Mr. Imagination Toby Ivey
Chris Clark Jo Neace Krause Myrtice West Tortorelli
Clementine Hunter John "Cornbread" Anderson Nan Phelps Trés Taylor
Danette Sperry John Sperry Noah Kinney Tubby Brown
David Kontra Josh Cote O.L. Samuels Vic Genaro
Donny Tolson Karen Harvell Panhandle Slim Vilardi
E. B. Ott Ken Blacktop Gentle Pat Juneau W.C. Rice
Earnest Patton Kimberly Dawn Clayton Paul Flack Willie Tarver
Edgar Tolson Lagnaippe Paula Perdue Woodie Long
Eric Legge Lamar Sorrento Peter Bongo Loose Z. B. Armstrong