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October 2017: See History Exhibit

Museum Case display

Museum case display of  items removed from the 1970 Time Capsule on October 11, 2017.  

Museum Case display, close view

Close view of the museum case displaying items removed from the 1970 Time Capsule.  

Uniform Insignia

Student nurses in the nursing program wore this insignia on their uniforms in 1970.  

Close view of a nursing student's uniform patch.

Project Photograph, Administration Building 1969

Project photograph of the Administration building under construction, taken on April 7, 1969.  

Photo showing the Administration building under construction in April 1969.

Display Case, Second Floor

This display case on the second floor of the Library held additional items removed from the 1970 Time Capsule, opened on October 11, 2017.  

Wide angle photo of second floor upright display case containing more items from the 1970 Time Capsule.

April 2017: Graduation - Honorary Degree Recipients

Granting honorary degrees is a long-standing tradition in higher education, and USC Upstate has practiced this tradition for many years.  During April 2017, an exhibit was mounted highlighting some of the honorary degree recipients over the years.

~ Ann Merryman, University Archivist  

Image of Honorary Degree Recipient exhibit, consisting of five framed photographs and graduation programs providing information on the recipients, housed in an upright display case with four staggered shelves..

March 2017: Women's History Month

Women's History Month is celebrated each year in March.  This year, the University Archives showcased an exhibit featuring items from the Center for Women's and Gender Studies Collection.  The CWGS has historically showcased speakers and events each year that focus on gender, race, and equality issues of interest to the student body and wider campus community. The entire collection, which includes a historical timeline written by the Center's Director, is available for research by contacting the University Archives.  

March 2017: Women's History Month

Wide-angle view of second floor archives display case.
Close up of document that reads:  A campus organization called University Women was created in 1990 to provide an informal networking group for faculty, staff, and students.  It gained widespread support and recognition for addressing feminist and racial minority issues through a series of guest speakers.  The Women’s Resource Center was established in the fall of 1996.  Original plans were for the center to be located in the Campus Life Center.  It was then located on the bottom floor of the Smith Building, and finally in the Hodge.  It was created to give women the opportunity to express themselves, discuss personal experiences, and create a greater awareness of the troubles they face.
Close view of right-hand side of exhibit case.
Close view of bottom shelf of exhibit.
Close view of  upper left of exhibit.

March 2017: Carolana Yearbook digital collection moves to the SCDL!

The wait is finally over!  The yearbook of the University of South Carolina Upstate, the Carolana, is now available as the first digital collection from USC Upstate through the South Carolina Digital Library (SCDL).  The SCDL provides free access to many historical materials including photographs, manuscripts, journals, books, oral histories, objects and more that illustrate the history and culture of South Carolina.  With more than 40 member cultural institutions from around the state, and a collection of over 200,000 items that continues to grow, the SCDL is a true treasure trove of South Carolina history.  

You can access the University of South Carolina Upstate collection directly, or you may choose to view and browse all participating South Carolina institutions.   

- Ann Merryman, University Archivist

February 2017: 50th Anniversary Time Capsule

The University of South Carolina Upstate is celebrating its 50th Anniversary beginning in 2017!  As part of the celebration, a time capsule placed in the cornerstone of the Administration Building at its dedication will be unveiled and the contents of the time capsule will be displayed in the University Archives in the campus library.  In addition, the University Archives and the Library are partnering with the 50th Anniversary Committee to collect memorabilia to include in the new time capsule, which will be kept in the Archives. 

We will keep you posted on times and dates of these events as they become available!  Watch the campus history come alive, and be a part of the history of the future.  Happy 50th Birthday USC Upstate!

- Ann Merryman, University Archivist