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Reference Collection

The reference collection is housed in our compact shelving, and can be found on the first ten ranges adjacent to the reference desk.  This collection is labeled with red signage and has call numbers at the end panels.  Since these books are not available for check out, the material stays within the library all of the time.

Circulating Collection

The General Collection, or Circulating Collection, is located on the first floor of the library. This is the largest of the library's collections. The collection contains books, DVDs & videos, as well as music recordings. 

Juvenile Collection

The USC Upstate Library's Juvenile Collection is located downstairs in our compact shelving aisles 71 - 73, adjacent to our Bound Periodicals. These books are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System. They are identified by the location "Juvenile" in the Library's system. The Juvenile Collection contains: non-fiction, fiction, easy books and many of the Newbery & Caldecott Award winning titles.

Maps and Atlases Collection

The USC Upstate Library's Maps and Atlases Collection is located directly under the stairs that lead up to the second floor of the library. These are flat maps arranged by area location. 

Oversize Collection

Books that are oversized are located before the circulating collection begins at A. There are also oversized items that are located in the reference collection. These items are located after the Z reference call number items in the compact shelving.

Periodicals & Microforms

Periodicals are publications issued at regular intervals like a newspaper, magazine, or journal. In the USC Upstate Library, the periodicals are shelved in alphabetical order by the title of the newspaper, magazine, or journal. There are several locations of periodicals, depending on their currency and format.

Current Issues 
Current Issues are located on Shelving Range 82, the last set of shelves in the far left of the library, just past the restrooms. Newspapers are kept at the Circulation Desk.

Bound Periodicals 
Bound Periodicals are shelved in the compact shelving along the far left wall (just past restrooms) on Shelving Ranges 74 to 81. Titles are in alphabetical order. If you cannot locate a title on either the current or bound shelves, the Circulation Desk can check the record for the title and see whether it has been sent to the bindery.

Some periodicals come in microfilm format. Microfilm is housed in cabinets across from the elevator just beyond the circulation desk.

Microfiche is available for Daily Congressional Record 1986- July 2000, Monthly Catalog 1965-1977, South Carolina Constitution 1895, South Carolina Convention Journal 1860 -62,65,68, 95, Congressional Record 1949-1978. These publications are also with the cabinets of Microfiche.

Microfilm & Microfiche Reader

The reader is found behind the 24/7 glass computer lab on a table and it can be used to read both microfilm and microfiche materials. In order to use this machine you will need to check out the mouse from the circulation desk. These machines have numerous delivery functions. If you need assistance in finding or copying the material, please ask-a-librarian.

Many periodicals are listed in the online Library Catalog and are searchable by the Periodical Title. The catalog lists the title and the library location for the item.

Stacks Map

The Stacks map is a PDF guide to where materials are located in the library. As we grow and change we will try to keep this page updated, if you have problems locating materials please Ask a Librarian.


Maps & Atlases


Micro Film & Micro Fiche

Microfilm & Micro fiche machines