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ENGL U102- Composition II- Combined Dual Enrollment: Review

Combined Session for Professor Tasha Thomas, Professor Shae Menge, and Professor Erin Medlin. Held March 7th at 4 PM

Review in Gradient Green with White starburst

Five Simple Steps to Beginning Research

Five simple steps for Starting your Research. Topic, Search, Evaluate, Choose and Cite. Image shows words in a research life cycle.

Searching the Library Catalog

GIF of Rupaul saying the Library is Open.

USC Upstate Library Catalog
Advanced Keyword Search

Googling first?

GIF of Google search box.

Databases we searched

Boolean Operators

Picture shows image of George Boole, the creator of Boolean Operators.


Dr. Evil making air quotations. Click through to go to Citation Guide.

Image found at following link. 

English 102 with black drawn stars

In Composition II you will refine and build on these skills, especially:

  • Finding perspectives from a particular discipline.
  • Better distinguishing scholarly vs. popular sources and understanding how to find scholarly articles.
  • Essential elements of citations and finding articles by citation.
  • Using Full Text Finder to find the full-text of articles.
  • How to borrow books and articles from other libraries through PASCAL Delivers and Interlibrary Loan