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SPCH U448 - Organizational Communication: Assignment


Group Scholar Presentation – Research teams will provide a formal 60-70 minute presentation of an organizational communication scholar (see list below). Presentation dates will be assigned. Group members will

(1) Closely engage the scholarly work of a prominent organizational scholar;

(2) Introduce the scholar to the class (where they studied, who they studied with, etc.);

(3) Teach the class about the scholar’s program of research theoretical perspective etc., methods, what they study, and contributions to the discipline;

(4) Present the scholars academic research (at least 2 peer reviewed articles/book chapters per group member);  

(5) Identify and define course concepts within the scholars work.

Approved or Revised hard copies of the outline and reference list must be submitted at the start of class on the day of the presentation. Failing to provide revised outlines and reference list on date of the presentation will result in a 5-point deduction for all group members.

Prominent organizational scholars

  • Timothy Kuhn – organizational change, corporate social responsibility, identity
  • Kevin Barge - leadership, public deliberations
  • Sarah J. Tracy - work life, wellness, emotion, workplace bullying
  • Patricia Riley - Institutional politics, information technology, organizational and cultural change


Brenda Allen - socialization, Black feminist standpoint theory, difference matters

Karen Ashcraft –gender, race, class, sexuality

James R. Barker – rhetoric, teamwork, control

Larry D. Browning – storytelling, narrative, technology, complexity theory

Connie Bullis – socialization, environmentalism (retired)

Patrice Buzzanell – gender, careers, leadership

Charles Conrad – organizational rhetoric

Nashir Contractor – technology, networks, consulting, self-organizing systems

George Cheney – organizational rhetoric, democratic forms, environmentalism, identification, conflict resolution

Stanley Deetz – democracy, dialogue, conflict resolution

Eric Eisenberg – organizational change, health communication

Gail T. Fairhurst - leadership, gender, discourse analysis

Diane Grimes – gender, whiteness, race

Lynn Harter - health, gender, feminism

Erika Kirby - gender, diversity, work life 

Jennifer Mease – gender, whiteness, race

Dennis Mumby – critical and feminist theories of organization

Majuya Pal – globalization, transnational labor issues, sustainability

Patricia S. Parker – social justice leadership, girls and women empowerment, race, gender, class

Linda Putnam - gender, negotiation, conflict, discourse

Angela Trethewey – gender, professionalism