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ENGL U101 Composition I -- L. McDowell: Using Sources

ENGL U101-033 L. McDowell

Evaluating and Using Your Sources

It is important to evaluate the sources you find to be sure that they are appropriate for your project. While you should carefully evaluate every source, it is crucial to evaluate web sites and documents. Composition I teaches you many of the skills you need to incorporate your sources in your writing. Additional help may be found at the Writing Center. Finally, make sure you document and cite your sources correctly. Information on this tab will help you to better evaluate and cite your sources.

Tips on Searching: Credibility of Sources

How do you know if sources that you found are credible or not?  We offer you two methods, the STARR method under Website Evaluation, and an alphabetical checklist in Finding Credible Sources. We also provide a link to a library guide on Evaluating News if you want to find ways to distinguish "fake" news and "alternative facts" from the real thing.

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