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ENGL U101 Composition I -- W. Robbins: Home

ENGL U101 W. Robbins

Welcome! Introduction to Academic Information

Welcome to the Composition I Research Guide! This guide will help you to find and use information appropriate for academic writing. It also contains materials to help you master the research process from developing a topic to citing your sources.

James LaMee, Reference Librarian

Information Literacy: A Model for Research

Information Literacy is a PROCESS!

The Information Literacy Standards Give One Model of the Research Process:


Topic = Know Your Information Need

Search = Access the Needed Information

Evaluate = Evaluate Information Critically

Share = Use Information Effectively for a Purpose

Cite = Use Information Ethically

Important Links and Remote Access

Information Literacy Video

Library Video Tour and Assignment

You may be asked to complete the Library Video Tour and Assignment by your Composition instructor. If you have already completed the assignment for University 101, print and present the confirmation you receive by email to prove that you have done the tour.

Tips for completing the tour:

  • Use your University email. If instructed to do so, also include your instructor's email.
  • It is recommended that you NOT access the tour in Spartan Greensky or Blackboard as the videos may not play smoothly. Bring up a browser on your computer, and access through this library guide. Chrome and Firefox browsers are recommended. The tour is not designed to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • Click on the tour numbers on the floor plans of the library to advance through the tour. After you have answered ten quiz questions, there is still a concluding video segment and a page where you will be assigned one of six Tasks.
  • Print out and download your Task and go to the library to complete it.
  • Estimated time: 20-30 minutes for the online module, 15-20 minutes in the library for each Task.
  • Be sure to continue to the end of the online module to make sure your score has been properly submitted. You will see a confirmation page, which you can print. You will also receive an email confirmation.