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THEA U398 - Queer Theory and Performance - Prof. Barry Whitfield: Print and E-Books/Catalog

Good starting points...

Try searching terms such as "queer theory," or "gay and theat*" (the * will bring results including "theater" and "theatre"). You should get a good mix of print titles and e-books. See the below box for some search tips and information on reading e-books.  

Tips For Using the Library Catalog

USC Upstate Library Catalog
Advanced Keyword Search
  • Try different keywords to get different search results.
  • Use Boolean AND, OR, NOT connectors to connect terms.
  • * is a truncation symbol (up to five characters) in the library catalog. Cat* would bring up "cat" and "cats," while vot* would show results for "vote," "voter," "voting," etc. This works in other parts of words: Col*r would display results for "color" and "colour."
  • The ? is a one-character wildcard: Wom?n will display results for "woman" and "women."
  • Typing ref AND (your search terms) limits searches to our reference collection. Reference works are an excellent source of background information.
  • Use advanced keyword search to help limit your searches.
  • Check the subject heading links in the full records of items. Click the links to see other similar items.
  • In a subject search, the result is a list of subject headings. This can help you narrow your topic and/or searches.


  • E-books are accessed through a link in the record of the book. Look for the "connect to" link. Many e-books may be browsed or searched through various e-book links on our Databases LibGuide (be sure to narrow your database type to "E-Books."
  • When accessing the library catalog from off campus, make sure you log in using the icon in the top right corner. This will enable all links (including e-book links).


  • Expand your search by looking at results from PASCAL (click the button in the library catalog). This opens up results from academic libraries across the state; you can request these titles in many cases, and have them delivered here in a matter of days. See the Beyond USC Upstate box below for more details.

Beyond USC Upstate

If a nearby academic library has a book we don't have available, you can use PASCAL's Visiting Patron service to check it out in person from the other institution. To do this, we recommend:

  • You first verify the book is available at a participating PASCAL library and able to be loaned through PASCAL. If you aren't sure, check with a reference librarian or the circulation desk. These are the same titles that are available through PASCAL Delivers.
  • Make sure your Upstate library account is in good standing and that your ID is working properly (you can also check this at circulation).
  • Visit the library and borrow the book using your USC Upstate ID.