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Composition II Research Guide for ENGL 102: Books and Media

Spring 2020

Library Card

Library Catalog

To limit your search results to only eBooks, select "Advanced Keyword Search." This will bring you to our catalog's Advanced Search page.

Under the section marked "Enter Search Terms," there is a section marked "Add Limits (Optional)." In this section, there is a list for "Material Type." If you scroll to the bottom of that list you can select "E-BOOKS." Once you have selected that option you can do a search and your results will all be eBooks. 

Catalog Search Tips


  • Place keywords in quotation marks to search for an exact phrase.
    Example: "south carolina"
  • Boolean operators:
    • and - all terms must be found; narrows a search
      Example: television and violence
    • or - any of the terms may be found; expands a search
      Example: "mass media" or television
    • and not - excludes the terms
      Example: mexico and not "new mexico"
  • Use an asterisk (*) to search for different variations or spellings of a word.
    Example: teen* - teen, teens, teenage, teenager, teenagers, etc.
  • Find subject heading links by clicking on a title and going to the full record.