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CRJU 361 Criminal Justice Research Methods: Other Sources

Fall 2018

Government and Internet Sources

Although you are directed to use web sources "sparingly," you may have need of statistics or reports from government or other web sites. This page shows a few tips on how to locate some of these documents.

Government Resources

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides access to scholarly articles and books. You will not often find freely available full-text, but Scholar can be a useful tool to supplement searches in other resources. Be sure to check Full-Text Finder to see if an article you want to read is available in a database or print journal at USC Upstate. Use Interlibrary Loan to order articles not available at USC Upstate. You can optimize Scholar to find full-text in USC Upstate Library resources by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "settings" on the upper right
  3. Click "Library Links" on the left toolbar, and type: University of South Carolina Upstate. Select and save.

Improving Google Searches

There are a number of ways to improve your Google searching. Google operators are a convenient way to zero in on specific information. The site: operator, for example, can be used to limit to a domain, as in site:gov for government web sites, or to a specific web site, such as for the New York Times site.

Google Books Search

Bibliographic information on millions of books, including full-text access for many out-of-copyright books. Usefully, it allows full-text searching of books and will display excerpts from books to show context. Use the Find this book in a library link to search the free web version of WorldCat and find nearby libraries that own the book. Otherwise, you can look for the book on PASCAL Delivers or order it through Interlibrary Loan.