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PSYC U398 - Special Topics in Service-Learning - Beth Freeman: Find Articles

Psychology Databases

Full Text Finder

Trying to find a journal title? Full Text Finder is a search tool that helps find journal titles in print or electronic format.

Full Text Finder Example

This database does not have the full text of this article.

Image FirstSearch Screenshot

I can use Full Text Finder to look up the journal title (NOT the article title):

Image Full Text Finder Screenshot

In the search results, I can see that the full text for my article would be available in 3 databases: CINAHL, Ebsco Open Access Journals, and Free Access Journals from Highwire. All of those databases have the year 2012 for my journal.

Image Full Text Finder Search Results Screenshot

I will choose CINAHL to find my article. Then I can either search within the journal for part of the article title or an author's name or I can browse by year and volume/issue numbers.

Image Ebscohost Screenshot