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FREN U331 - Survey of French Literature II - Dr. Araceli Hernandez-Laroche: Journal Titles

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French Literature Databases

These databases contain articles about French Literature as well as some literature itself in English and French.


Nouvelles Études Francophones







The official refereed journal of the International Council of Francophone Studies / Conseil International d’Études Francophones (CIÉF). NEF publishes scholarly research in the language, arts, literatures, cultures, and civilizations of Francophone countries and regions throughout the world.

Francophonies d'Amerique

The international learned journal Francophonies d'Amérique publishes articles produced by academics working on North America's francophone minority populations throughout the continent.

Romance Notes

Founded in 1959 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Romance Notes is published three times a year. The journal welcomes the submission of innovative, interdisciplinary articles on Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian literature and culture.

French Historical Studies

The leading journal on the history of France, publishes groundbreaking articles, commentaries, and research notes on all periods of French history from the Middle Ages to the present. The journal's diverse format includes forums, review essays, special issues, and articles in French, as well as bilingual abstracts of the articles in each issue.

Nineteenth-Century French Studies

Contains scholarly articles on all aspects of nineteenth-century French literature and criticism.

French Forum

A journal of French and Francophone literature and film.

L'Esprit Créateur

Publishes studies on French and Francophone literature, film, criticism, and culture.

Comparative Literature Studies

Publishes comparative critical essays that range across the rich traditions of Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and that examine the literary relations between East and West, North and South.

Women in French Studies

The journal promotes the study of women writers and women in civilization in the French-speaking world. An additional purpose of the organization is to share information and concerns about the status of women in Francophone countries and in higher education in North America.

French Studies

This journal publishes articles and reviews spanning all areas of the subject, including historical and contemporary language and linguistics, all periods and aspects of literature in France and the French-speaking world, thought and the history of ideas, cultural studies, film, and critical theory.

University of Toronto Quarterly

Is interdisciplinary academic journal of the humanities published by the University of Toronto Press.

Le Mouvement Social

The journal addresses recent developments in social history.

French Colonial History

Sponsored by the French Colonial Historical Society (FCHS), French Colonial History is an annual volume of bilingual, refereed scholarly articles. The journal covers all aspects of French colonization and the history of all French colonies, reflecting the temporal span, geographical breadth, and diversity of subject matter that characterize the scholarly interests of the Society. The journal seeks submissions that present perspectives from around the world on French colonization and has a commitment to a critical appraisal of France's imperial past and its impact on the present world.


TENSO: Bulletin of the Société Guilhem IX publishes articles on any aspect of Occitan studies, including literature, language, linguistics, and music, and prints scholarly essays, critical editions, translations, original verse in Occitan, book reviews, announcements, and bibliographical information. While English is the primary language, it also accepts items in French, Occitan, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, and German.