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EDLD U412 - Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities - Dr. Holly Pae: Full-Text Finder

Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder is a tool that can help you find the full text of an article in our many different databases. If you have a citation or only the abstract in one of our databases, you can use Full Text Finder to see if the full text of the article is available in one of our other databases.

Try it Out

Watch the video to the left and view the example below. Once you feel comfortable with how Full Text Finder works, try it out yourself. Try to find which databases you can get the full-text for this article:

When you think you have the answer, click here to see if you are correct (if you are off campus, you will have to login to your student account).

Link to Full Text Finder

Full Text Finder Example

This database does not have the full text of this article.

Image FirstSearch Screenshot

I can use Full Text Finder to look up the journal title (NOT the article title):

Image Full Text Finder Screenshot

In the search results, I can see that the full text for my article would be available in 3 databases: CINAHL, Ebsco Open Access Journals, and Free Access Journals from Highwire. All of those databases have the year 2012 for my journal.

Image Full Text Finder Search Results Screenshot

I will choose CINAHL to find my article. Then I can either search within the journal for part of the article title or an author's name or I can browse by year and volume/issue numbers.

Image Ebscohost Screenshot