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Criminal Justice: Books and E-books

A Guide to Important Reference Sources and Online Resources Available through the USC Upstate Library.

Beyond USC Upstate

If you don't find what you want at USC Upstate, try these other resources.

PASCAL Visiting Patron

If you find that a nearby academic library has a book not at USC Upstate that you want to read, you may be able to borrow it through PASCAL's Visiting Patron program. To use the service:

  • Determine that a book you need is at a participating library. Check with a librarian if you are in doubt.
  • Check with the USC Upstate Circulation Desk to make sure your ID is working properly and your account is in good standing. 864-503-5611
  • Go to the library that owns the book with your USC Upstate ID to borrow the book. (It is always a good idea to double check the library's online catalog or even to call the library to make sure that the book is available. Ask a librarian if you need help with this.)

Search the Library Catalog

Search the Library Catalog for books and media:

USC Upstate Library Catalog
Advanced Keyword Search

Search Tips:

  • Keyword Searches: use AND, OR, and AND NOT to connect search terms; place exact phrases in quotes
  • Title Searches: use if you know the title of a book or video you are looking for, choose "Title" and type the title or the first few words of the title in the search box
  • Subject Searches: use to find books and media about people, e.g., Weber, Max finds books about Max Weber.
  • Author Searches: find books by a particular author, e.g., Weber, Max finds books by Max Weber.


E-Book Collections

E-books are fully cataloged and will appear in searches of the Library Catalog. Occasionally, however, you may want to search an e-book collection directly. Here are the library's principal e-book collections with links to tutorials.

PASCAL Delivers Video

PASCAL Delivers is the rapid book delivery service for South Carolina's academic libraries. This video explains how to use it.