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Popular Song and Musical Theater: Biographical Information

A Guide to Important Reference Sources and Online Resources Available at USC Upstate.

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The Library of Congress classification system for music is divided into three broad areas:

M = Musical scores and audio and video recordings of actual performances of music. Most of the library's CD collection and many videos are shelved in the Ms.

ML = Literature about music. Biographies, histories, documentaries, and some historically-based CD anthologies are shelved in the MLs.

MT = Materials for the teaching and study of music. Some historical or practical materials with a strong analytical or didactic bent are also shelved in the MTs.

Popular music in general does not always fit comfortably into a classification scheme that was created primarily to organize Western Classical music. Individual items of relevance to the study of popular song and musical theater will be scattered throughout the three sections. Nevertheless, there are some clusters of materials that lend themselves to browsing:

M 1366 contains some vocal music related to jazz

M 1503-1507 include lighter forms of dramatic music, including operetta, musicals, and anthologies of excerpts from musical theater

M 1629-1630s contain popular songs

ML 48-54.6 librettos and books for operas and musicals, lyrics of popular and art songs

ML 400 collective biographies of singers

ML 410-429 Biographies of singers, songwriters, and lyricists will be scattered throughout this section

ML 3534 contains many books about the history of Rock.

ML 1711.8, 2054, 2075 have concentrations of books about Broadway and Hollywood musicals and songs

ML 3470-3562 Popular music and song

Be aware that in the USC Upstate Library, music materials may be found in three locations:

Reference (Library Use Only) - The most useful and up-to-date reference books.

General Circulating Collection - Books, Scores, CDs, Videos that are available to check out.

Oversize Collection - Books, Scores, CD sets that do not fit on standard library shelves. These are also available to check out.