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CRJU U501 - Senior Seminar - Section 01 - Dr. Robert Daly: Supreme Court Cases

Fall 2018

Useful Websites

Reference Sources

Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States - REF KF8742 .A35 E525 2008, vols. 1-5.

Guide to the U. S. Supreme Court, 4th ed. - REF KF8742 .W567 2004, vols. 1-2. A standard reference work from Congressional Quarterly.

Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States - REF KF8742 .A35 O93 1992, and online in Oxford Reference Online (2nd ed., 2011).

Cases and Decisions

These are only some of the principal reference sources. Search the Library Catalog for other reference and circulating books.

Contemporary Supreme Court Cases: Landmark decisions since Roe v. Wade - REF KF 4550 .Z9 L58 2016, vols. 1-2.

Historic U. S. Court Cases: An Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. - REF KF385 .A4 J64 2001. Summarizes well-known cases and provides a selective bibliography on each case.

Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court - REF KF 4549 .L37 2006, vols. 1-3.

Lexis-Nexis Academic - Includes many Federal and State cases in the legal section.

MaGill's Choice: U. S. Court Cases - REF KF385 .A4 U15 1999, vols. 1-2.

Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions (2nd ed., 2009) - Available online in Oxford Reference Online.

Summaries of Leading Cases on the Constitution, 14th ed., 50th Anniversary ed. - REF KF4547.8 .B3 2004. A standard work in the field, it provides information on significant decisions.

United States Reports - Microfilm, under "U" for United States. Official reporter of U. S. Supreme Court decisions, including dissenting opinions. Upstate has June 1947-April 1947 and October 1953-March 2002.