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USC Upstate Library Undergraduate and Faculty Information Literacy Awards: Faculty/Staff Award for the Promotion and Integration of Information Literacy


Open to all full-time and adjunct faculty and staff who teach regular courses at USC Upstate on an ongoing basis. Must have taught at Upstate two or more semesters at time of application.


The winning faculty member will demonstrate a superior effort in one or more of the following areas:

  • Promoting information literacy as a core competency to other faculty
  • Integration of information literacy skills within course assignments
  • Integration of a progression of information literacy skills within a course or across the curriculum of a major or academic program
  • Significant collaboration with other faculty, including librarians, on teaching or promoting information literacy
  • Participation or consultation in professional development training that includes information literacy, including information literacy in scholarly activities

Efforts of a candidate across several semesters may be recognized.

Application Process

A faculty member may be nominated by another faculty, staff, or student, or self-nominate. A complete application consists of:

  1. Letter of nomination by a faculty, staff, or student (may be combined with item 2 in the case of self-nomination)
  2. 1-3 page letter from the candidate addressing the criteria for the award
  3. 1-3 pieces of documentation to support or expand upon points made in the letter (examples might include a course syllabus or assignment, planning documents, course lectures or presentations related to information literacy, etc.)
  4. Contact information.

Applications should be sent electronically to the Chair of the Information Literacy Awards Committee: