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USC Upstate Library Undergraduate and Faculty Information Literacy Awards: First-Year Information Literacy Award


The First-Year Information Literacy Award is open to all students who are enrolled in or have taken University 101 (Student in the University), English 101 (Composition I), and English 102 (Composition II) since the Spring Semester of the previous academic year. Projects submitted for the application must have been completed from the Spring Semester of the previous academic year through Spring Semester of the current year, up to the application deadline. Only completed projects will be accepted. Digital presentations as well as traditional papers are welcome as long as they meet the criteria given below.


Successful projects will demonstrate a superior grasp of the information literacy skill set taught in the first-year courses and summarized by the Information Literacy Standards for First-Year Students and other program documents. These include:

  • Determining the information need
  • Accessing sources pertinent to the information need
  • Evaluating and analyzing sources
  • Selecting, organizing, and synthesizing information effectively in the final product
  • Using information ethically

In addition, these specific criteria will apply:

  • Making use of library resources in a variety of formats
  • Making appropriate use of library services (including research consultations with librarians)
  • Citing sources appropriately and correctly
  • Demonstrating mastery of content appropriate to the course and assignment
  • Demonstrating clear presentation or writing skills
  • Overall quality of project

Application Process

Students need to be nominated by their course instructor. Course instructors may nominate and write letters of support for more than one student. A complete application includes:

  1. A letter of nomination and support from the course instructor
  2. A cover page containing the title of the project and complete contact information for the student: university email, mailing address, and phone number.
  3. A reflective essay on the research process as it relates to the project by the student.
  4. A copy of the project with a complete bibliography (must make clear where sources were found).

Materials should be submitted electronically to the Chair of the Information Literacy Awards Committee.