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EDSC U441 - Middle School Curriculum and Methodology - Dr. Stephen Bismarck: Getting Started

Planning Your Library Research

The literature search and review is the starting point for any assignment topic.

Generally, you are expected to use research-based scholarly resources, books and journals, in preference to information found on websites or in newspapers.

Start your library research as early as possible to allow time to identify the resources you need, access books in Reserve and if necessary request books through PASCAL or Interlibrary Loan.

Selecting a Topic

When selecting a topic:

  1. Choose topics of interest to you
  2. Choose topics that meet requirements of the assignment
  3. Choose topics that contributes to the discussion of a research topic

From a set list of topics:

  1. Choose a part of a topic
  2. Choose an approach (i.e. viewpoint) to a topic


  1. To review course readings and class notes for topic ideas
  2. Preliminary reading is  necessary to topic selection
  3. A topic needs to be researchable

Researh Question Resources