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SOCY 499 - Senior Seminar - Dr. Odhiambo: Books and Media

Fall 2018

A Search Strategy for Books and Media

  1. Library Catalog - First stop for books, e-books and media owned by the USC Upstate Library.
  2. PASCAL Delivers - The state-wide rapid book delivery service for South Carolina academic libraries.
  3. WorldCat - A union catalog of the holdings of libraries all over the world.
  4. Google Books - A good resource for supplementing searches in library databases.

Find Books

USC Upstate Library Catalog
Advanced Keyword Search
  • E-Books are accessed through a link in the record of the book. Click on the title, then on the link under "Connect To."
  • When accessing the catalog from off-campus, make sure you log in using the icon at the top right corner of the catalog. This will enable all links, including those to e-books.
  • Use the connectors AND, OR, AND NOT as appropriate to connect search terms.
  • * is used as a truncation symbol in the catalog for up to five characters. It is useful for finding singular and plural forms of a word, variant endings on a particular stem, or for alternate spellings: cat* for both cat and cats; vot* for vote, voters, voting, etc.; col*r for color and colour.
  • ? is a one-character wildcard: wom?n finds both woman and women.
  • You can view Contents Notes to find a table of contents for many books. Click on title of book in results list to access.
  • Use Subject Heading links to find other books sharing the same subject heading. Click on title of book in results list and then on "Full Record" tab to access.

If you don't find what you want in the USC Upstate Library, you can expand your search to these other resources:

Bibliographic information on millions of books, including full-text access for many out-of-copyright books. Usefully, it allows full-text searching of books and will display excerpts from books to show context. Use the Find this book in a library link to search the free web version of WorldCat and find nearby libraries that own the book. Otherwise, you can look for the book on PASCAL Delivers or order it through Interlibrary Loan.

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Library Catalog Videos

For more information on strategies for using the Library Catalog, consult the following videos: