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CRJU U501 - Senior Seminar - Sections PC1 and PC2 - Dr. Courtney McDonald: Scholarly Articles

Fall 2018


A citation gives the essential elements for finding an article:

  • Author or authors
  • Title of article
  • Title of the journal in which the article appears
  • Volume, Issue Number, and Date (sometimes just year and month) of journal issue in which the article appears
  • Inclusive page numbers of article (very important if you need to order the article through Interlibrary Loan)

When citing an article in your paper, you may need additional information for electronic resources: DOI number, database name, or URL of home page of journal and possibly an accession date, depending on the edition of the style manual you use.

Follow the Citations!

When doing a literature review, look for citations of important articles in several places:

  • Bibliographies in reference books and textbooks
  • References in articles and books
  • Searches in article indexes and databases

Recognizing Scholarly Journals

Do you know when you are looking at a scholarly journal? Here are some common characteristics:

  • Peer-reviewed
  • Academic or Professional audience
  • Title related to audience, sponsor, discipline
  • Format is often smaller (book sized)
  • Paper normally not glossy, little use of color (though this is changing, especially for covers)
  • Restricted advertising (often in back of journal and limited to academic publishers)
  • Contents may include research articles and book reviews; sometimes other kinds of reports and communications from scholars

Recognizing a Scholarly Article

Scholarly journals may publish more than one kind of article. Know what type you are looking for!

  • Research articles publish original research and are the main means of disseminating the results of original research.
  • Review articles are extensive literature reviews on a particular topic, often with a view of evaluating trends in research or synthesizing the results of recent research.

Research articles in Criminal Justice often include the following elements. In many journals, subheadings in the article correspond to one or more of these elements:

  • Introduce a research question or thesis to be explored.
  • Contain a literature review.
  • Give a clear statement of methodology.
  • Summarize the results of the study.
  • Discussion and analysis of the results.
  • Conclusion in which the author(s) determine how the research question or thesis has been answered.

Scholarly Journals Handout

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